Yuna from Final Fantasy X. She is the daughter of high summoner, Lord Braska, and a promising summoner herself. It is Yuna and her guardians who finally defeat Sin for good. I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I played the game. I was almost expecting a Rinoa clone (as in "ANNOYING") but Yuna was anything but that. She knew she lacked experience but she always stayed strong for her friends and for Spira. Even the love she and Tidus had together didn't seem forced at all. The only thing I didn't like about Yuna was her English voice actress. Very stilted and at times, totally off her timing. I've been very excited about the sequal Final Fantasy X-2 ever since I saw the trailers. She's definitely grown up a bit (which probably explains the new revealing outifit...) and her Chow Yun Fat style double gun action is so cool! I am sorta hoping Tidus will come back somehow...I want them to have a happy ending!!

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Metamia lives a precarious life balancing school, anime/manga, fighting off ninjas, and sleep. Out of the four, she definitely likes sleep the best. When she is not thinking dirty perverted thoughts, she reads, plays DDR, and harrasses her brother. Currently watching/reading Prince of Tennis, Berserk, Naruto, Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex, Wolf's Rain, Bleach, Gundam Seed...holy moly, this is a long list! Let's just say she gets a whole lot of much in fact that she hasn't even finished watching some of it! Perhaps she should study more? ^_^ She lives in the Forest City (London, Canada) while she goes to University, but she is originally from Toronto. Well, if we are picky about it she is originally from Seoul, Korea. Is that enough info for ya?

A school picture. I never smiled in these. And to think I used to 

look this innocent. He said he was just 

trying to hug me but I don't buy that! Bad brother! My mommy is so cool. 

^_^ So how the hell did she spawn monsters like me and my bro? o_O;; My grandma rocks! Only 

she can pull off such a cheesy pose and still look sugoi. Ah my semi-formal. ^_^ I 

am the second girl from the left. The girl in the blue dress is my best friend.
My school trip to Quebec! 

It was so much fun. ^_^ I am the dumb one with her hand up in the air. @_@;; The top of the Empire 

State Building on our school trip to NY. Heh, too bad I didn't push Chris off the edge. *_* Champ is my best friend's 

old puppy. Doesn't he look a little like Inuyasha? ^__^ Kiri's four 

kitties. I loved all of them so much but grouchy Ame was my favourite. She liked sleeping on me. 

^^;; My other 

favourite kitty. Sir is such a slut for affection. That manwhore. ^_^ An old picture of me in 

traditional Korean clothes.

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xoxo Friday, February 4, 2005, 07:25 p.m. xoxoxoxo

I gotta stop this trend of not writing for months and then writing something really random. LOL ^^ Well it's been a month now of culinary school and it's going well. ^^ I splurged on a 8 inch French knife today...*strokes knife* I can't wait until I can use this baby...bwahahaha~! ^_^ Also got a GREAT deal on some mixing bowls and this awesome cooking utensils set. But that utensil set is for my dorky brother. ^^ All in all, real excited. But all this free/really cheap food I can eat at school is probably one of the highlights. My parents LOVE Tuesdays cause that's my banquet production day. And when you can get a lemon chiffon cake for 5 BUCKS, you know you got it good. *rubs belly* This is another reason why I am working out even more these days...hahaha~! ^_^

FFXI is a bit slower these days due to school but still good. I get to log in to fish and lvl once in a while. I still want that lvl 100 fishing...right now I am 72 so not TOO far...hehe. Right now lvl 50 white mage which is amazing cause most of my FFXI career has been devoted to crafting and questing. My LS mates are all quite excited for me to do my rank 5-1 and 2 missions but...I gotta go see my brother this weekend so no can do. ^^; It's Ryan and Reza's birthday so...and I think they are also combining it with a SuperBowl Party. Why am I even going? LOL ^^; I hate football...ah but I wuv Reza and Ryan so I will go to London and suffer. ;_;

All righty...gotta study for my sanitation test tomorrow. I hate having exams on Saturdays...especially 8 am. @_@;;;

xoxo Monday, November 22, 2004, 06:13 p.m. xoxoxoxo

I haven't written in this thing in so long! But what else is new? I am always lazy about my blog! LOL! ^_^

Been yakking with Kiri lately and that is real fun. ^^ That girl is still so silly and cute cute. *_* Everytime I send her an email I cringe cause my grammar has gone down the drain due to FFXI. >_<;; It would be really cool if I can do down and see her for Christmas though. *_* Maybe I can ask my parents for the money and say it's for my future birthday gift...*Coughs* ^_^;;

Well gonna be starting school on Jan. 3. Pretty excited but kinda scared. I still haven't finished my Young Drivers course cause I am lazy and sucky. >_<;; I really gotta do that soon. ;_;

xoxo Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 05:33 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Ok so yeah...I was gonna do this tomorrow but then I got all caught up are some screenshots of Final Fantasy XI! For those who don't know anything about the game (I bet most...), it's an online rpg. ^^ I belong to a race of little people named Tarutaru. ^^ I'm a girl taru but some people think I am a boy. -_-;; Well girl tarus dont have boobs so...

I play with a whole bunch of really great people and it's so much fun. My obsession in this game LOL A lot of people tease me about that but I WILL get that Lu shang rod. *_* 4 million gil rod...must have it...

Hehehe, that's me curing somebody. From the look of the background...looks like Kazham. -_- Hate Kazham...evil goblins...

At the beach in Valkurm Dunes. I'm a beach bum!

A profile shot. This was taken inside the culinary guild.

Us fighting a stone golem in Beaucedine Glacier. There is Farlander, my uber Elvaan Paladin brother. No don't hit my bro! ;_;

My bro healing after a fight. Hehehe, in that armour, he looks like a Gundam. LOL Too bad you can't see his face. ^^

Here is Malefactor, my good Galka buddy. ^^ He is a Dark Knight so kind of the other end of the spectrum with Farlander. They both look so cool. *_*

Kyung surrounded by a bunch of crazy tarus! That's me in the corner with blue hair going all hyper. Hehe, Kyung is a sexy mithra kitty girl...too bad he is really a guy and people hit on him. LOL Should have picked Elvaan...^_^

Kyung looking faboo in the Dunes in opaline gear. ^_^ Too bad we can only play mithra as girls...I wouldn't mind seeing some kitty boys. *_*

And that's right everyone...Kyung wears red undies!! As the shortest race, we tarus get to see a lot of panty shots.

Oh that hurts. I got killed by a nasty goblin. Oh that trip to the Northlands was fun. I died a lot but it was still cool. LOL

And here is Male sitting on my corpse while Elminster looks puzzled. Damn you Male! Get your fat galka ass off my dead body!

HA! Elm is using Male as shade. Elm is such a cute taru. ;_; I miss him.

Only tarus look ok in bronze subligar... I look so cool kicking ass. *_* And here is my finishing pose. BWAHAHA

It's Shugo! The hottie Red Mage Elvaan! I gotta take more pics of him outdoor. All my shots of him are in dark scary dungeons...

Me in leather! That's Kyung's little taru beside me. Name is Akyung. ^^ He is so cute. Ignore the naked galka. *slaps Male around*

Eww Scale mail. I look terrible. But this pic shows off Kyung's dark knight AF really well. *_* He looks so badass.

Last but not least...MALEFACTOR FISHING!! Yes it's true! Male fished! He would only do it after stealing my fishing gear and leaving me naked...but he fished! Don't believe him when he lies and says he never did it!!

Oh man that was a lot. And I have so much more.@_@;; Better save it for another

xoxo Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 03:00 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Ah...I see Min and Anna are finally DOCTORS now. Run for your lives! LOL Well it's good to know they don't have to suffer med school hell anymore. Now they just have to worry about getting sued. ^_^ *hugs both* Congrats you guys...I always knew you guys could do it. ^^

Feeling kinda crappy. Second day of period and it's a Nile baby. If you don't get that, then you don't want to know...ugh...cramps. Kill me now @_@;;

The neighbours have been doing construction and it's driving me up the wall. They start pretty early so the hammering and the banging is just right outside my window...and wakes me up. So I get cranky. Sometimes get an urge to lob a water balloon at them. But they would probably enjoy that cause it's getting hot. And no sexy construction guys to drench and oggle either...damn.

Gonna try to post some pics of my tarutaru later on. I used to make fun of Dave (Virginia Dave) about his EverQuest addiction...but now I can't say anything. >_<;; Final Fantasy XI is the Devil. It has sucked my life dry and it keeps sucking...and I love it. But of course, I just HAD to pick white mage. A great job but a damn pain in the ass to level. I do like running around raising dead people though. ^^ Very fun and rewarding. LOL

xoxo Sunday, July 11, 2004, 10:43 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Wow haven't written here in awhile. ^^ Sorry been busy. The in-class portion of my driving school is done...thank god. LOL Still trying to get the hang of driving and I think I am getting better. But still kinda scary though. ^^;; Just my luck my house is close to a huge major street and a highway -_- Most of these kind of lessons take place near your home so I get kinda scared going on these big streets. Why didn't I live near really small sleepy streets? ;_;

FFXI is still kinda consuming my life. ^^ Haven't played much a lot lately cause been busy in real life but I miss it. The game itself is uber fun but the people there are just a riot. I should post some pics of my character here...oh man so geeky. LOL I am even thinking of applying to EB for a part time job...and maybe get discounts. LOL I KNOW my brother will be asking me to score him games. Oh

I don't know if I told most people but I quit University. Been trying to make it work for 3 years and it's just not panning out. But I did something that kinda shocked a lot of people...I enrolled into a college for culinary management! Why is this shocking? I DON'T COOK. LOL Ah but I have been thinking about this for over a year now and I got some plans...I think it will be really fun and very rewarding. ^^ Wish me luck ^_^

Ok I think I will pass out. Been a long day and tomorrow will be starting early. God I hate working out in the morning...UGH.

xoxo Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 10:15 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Had my first driving school class today. I won't be getting behind a wheel until a little bit later so most of it was the basic powerpoint stuff. Some movie clips and the teacher just basically introduced us to the basics. I was expecting a fair sized class but there was only 4 people including me. It was supposed to be 5 but one didn't show up. ^^ Anyways, the other 3 are all 16 year old girls. ^^;; Since that is the earliest you can apply for a G1 and so forth, I guess these girls were in a hurry. *laughs* They seemed nice but seriously...I would not want to be in the same road as them. o_O One of them didn't even know a lot of the signs. >_<;; How the hell did she pass the written test to get this far?? And one girl, she kept interrupting the teacher and making pithy little comments. The other two were obviously friends and they wouldn't stop whispering. ^^; I old. I mean, 6 years might not matter so much later but the difference of 16 vs 22 was I mean, I always thought I was immature and dumb...then I realized that teenagers are just a league of their own! I guess you really don't realize this until your are fully out of that stage and see them...and the thought of them driving...*SHUDDERS* We need to change this law! O_O;;

I loved how one girl kept referring to her speed as miles. And no, she wasn't American. I just casually commented to her how interesting it was that she kept saying miles instead of km. So I told a funny story of my American friend who shall remain nameless (HAHAHA!!) who got a speed ticket cause he got confused about that. I mean honey...if you are going 60 miles in a 60 km road...that is bad! You are going way too fast! I really hope her brain realizes this soon.

And the scary part, these kids already have some driving experience. Now THAT is scary. >_<;; The teacher showed us a chart of the percentage of accidents according to age groups. Age 16-19 get into the most accidents compared to other age groups. They had a hard time grasping this concept. -_-;; Gods...I fear for the pedestrians...

But the funniest moment was when the teacher said our first test will be 25 multiple choice questions and we only have 15 minutes. They totally freaked out. *LAUGHS*

Girl 1 : But what if we need more time to finish the test? Can't you give us more time?

Teacher : Tough. That is all the time you get. It was designed to be finished in 15 minutes.

Girl 2 : But that isn't realistic!

OMG ROFL! I mean...not realistic? Ok maybe in high school but in other places...that is reality. I really tried to keep my mouth shut up but I had to say it...I said that is reality. And they are like "Oh maybe in University". Ok so University is not reality? Is it a separate dimension where the logics and physics of "reality" does not compute? ROFL! Gods...I fear for the pedestrians...

Wow I sound like a really snobbish bitch. But really...they were so immature. >_<; There is a sign that says no food and the two girls go out and come back with McDonalds. And they laugh about it like idiots and just keep eating. The other one was just rude. And they kept asking "Do we have to know this?" OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW IT!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE UNLESS YOU CAME TO LEARN THIS STUFF??!! -_-;;;

Ok so yeah. That was my first day. I was amused and exasperated by turn. I really hope I wasn't that ditzy when I was 16. @_@;;

xoxo Monday, June 7, 2004, 11:14 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Ah! I have been SO BUSY. Even that is an understatement. >_< Too many things have happened and I will try to give a short summary later on. But first...what I did today that is more important to keep in record...*laughs*

I went back to my high school today. I had to go get my high school transcript and the thought of stepping into those halls had me quite apprehensive. I don't really know why...I mean, just a building isn't it? Ah but I fool myself. As I was walking across the parking lot like I had done thousands of times before, I had to keep repeating to myself "It's not a big deal...just your high school...ok so what if the 4 years you spent here were hellish and cruel?"

I opened those big ugly orange doors and immediately saw the lunch lady struggling with a big table. I remember her very clearly cause she used to yell at me for eating in the halls. But I hated eating in the cafeteria cause it was too full and too noisy. I immediately ran to her and offered my help. It seemed she didn't recognize me at all. But it had been about 4 years so I wasn't surprised. I helped her carry the heavy table into the teacher's lounge and as I entered, I saw the back of my Grade 10 Science teacher. She was just exiting out the other door so I didn't have time to say anything. Too bad...cause I did get along with her fairly well...although I argued over every test she marked...*laughs*

After that I went to the Guidance room. Bad terrible memories here. I think my hand shook when I reached for the doorknob. When I went inside, I saw that it had changed in decor. And the secretary there was one I didn't recognize. But the guidance teachers I knew were still there. They looked at me but didn't recognize me...thank god. I would have hated it if they asked me to sit down and re-hash over my school years there. After I had finished my business, I left.

When I got out of the room, I felt a bit adrift. A part of me wanted to just leave...but a part of me wanted to look around a bit. To see what changes have happened while I was gone. So I took a walk around.

The first place I went to was the art/music hall. I saw the giant murals that the art class did in my Grade 11 year. Or was it Grade 12? Anyways, they were still there. I saw the painting that I had helped with even though I wasn't officially in the art class. *laughs* I had a spare every year when my best friend had art. So I would just go there and lounge around. *laughs* But of course, I did get dragged into that painting. I remembered that Jordan never came to class and I ended up helping. Gods...that mural was a pain in the ass to do...but it was so much fun! We were so giggly and stupid while we painted it. But the endless dabbing of paint! Why did they have to pick a pointilism piece to copy! The never ending points of paints...only like 5 mm in width...having to cover a huge canvas...grahhhh!

Passed by all my old lockers. The one by the windows amused me. 2 things my old school was famous for: Over-achieving gifted brainiacs and broken windows. We didn't have gang acitivity but the vandalism rate concerning windows was very high. There was ALWAYS at least one broken somewhere in the school. The four by my locker were all broken. *laughs* It seems some things just don't change.

I went upstairs to see if my old Biology teacher was there. I have very fond memories of Mrs. Sano. A little lady with infinite patience and a high "I don't take bullshit" factor. *laughs* But when I peeked in it wasn't Mrs. Sano but Mr. Ovas! He taught me Microbiology and was one of the few teachers who left an impression on me. Oh but I had such a shock. He used to have such dark brown hair...and it was gray! I mean, salt and pepper gray! What have these kids done to the poor man!?

My timing was quite lucky that it was lunch time so the class was empying out. So I stepped in and he looked up at me. Then he smiled and I realized he recognized me! I think my heart did a little flip when I saw that he remembered me. It was so funny...I just suddenly burst out "Mr. Ovas! It's been four years!" And we laughed and it was so great. It turned out I had shown up on the last day so the kids were taking pics of him to remember the year. They claimed he was their favourite teacher and I wholehearted agreed that the was fabulous. *laughs*

Then I went to the art room. I had peeked inside before but Mrs. Roberts still had a class so I didn't go in. When I stepped in, she looked so shocked and she yelled out my name. She got off her seat and hugged me so tight. I could smell the same perfume she always wore and I could hear her words by my she missed me and how she had just thought of me today. And then I just started to cry. Tears just kinda...came rolling down. I had been filled with such bitterness over the last few years. But when she hugged me and told me how she had missed me...I just felt so overwhelmed. All the terrible things that I had been thinking of just disappeared and I remembered all the fun times I had here in that room. In all the years of my high school career, that art room was my saving grace. She always welcomed her students into that room and let them relax. Just to take some time away from the craziness. And I felt so happy that I had come. It was like an exorcism. I felt so happy.

She and I sat down and we chatted over my time there. I told her Min and Anna are finally "doctors" now. *laughs* And that Min and Mancin were now engaged. She was so happy to hear this and I was glad I was there to tell her. She then told me that this was her last day of teaching. She was tired and wanted to rest. I don't blame her really. It's hard being a teacher and everyone has to retire. It was fate if I think about it. She had been going through her old photos of past students and she had been thinking of me. And then I walked right through the door! *laughs* I am so glad I came to see her before she retired for good. It was fate really.

I left the school feeling so much more lighthearted. It seemed so weird that I had just wandered around that school with a strange bewildered look on my face. I felt that I didn't belong there anymore. A relic of the past even though 4 years don't seem that long. But now I felt this wasn't so. I no longer attented that school but my presence had left indelible impressions there. Like that painting. As long as that painting stands in that hall, I know I will always be in Martingrove.

The day was so bright and warm...and I stood by the bus stop looking at my school...and for the first time, I think I felt free of my demons. I cried by that bus stop. For all the years so bitter and hurt...I wanted to leave it past me for so long but I could never do it. But now I think I can and I am ever so glad I went.

Gods...just crying here thinking about it. I'm such a dumbass. *laughs* I think I will go on FFXI a bit and relax. Then off to bed!

xoxo Saturday, May 22, 2004, 03:32 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Ah just got my hair cut. it's been a while since I got it cut and it was getting long. ^^; Now it feels much better. ^_^ Also got more needles stuck in me today . -_-;; I dont know how people can get tattoos and stuff like that...i hate needles so much! >_<; I think a few more sessions and I can put accupuncture behind me. @_@; It is working cause I feel better but some of those needles hurt. ;_;

The last few days have been pretty interesting but for some reason, my mind is totally blank. o_O Just this general feeling of amusement fills me. *laughs* I got to see my cat again this week since I went down to London. I missed her so much. ;_; She was ultra slutty. I miss her right now. *boo hoo* ;_;

So yeah, gonna take my G1 test next week...I don't think I will fail since everyone tells me how EASY it is. -_-; But really, I have this really weird feeling...god I really hope I don't fail. >_< Dad is telling me he will teach me to drive manual since the car I want to get is more pricey in automatic. Also well, all my friends and brother are like "Come on man...don't drive automatic! That's not fun!" ^^;; They seem to think I am some Crazy Taxi-like driver who will tear up the streets. -_-; The truth is, I am very nervous behind the wheel and will most likely drive slower than a grandmother! ;_; And people will honk at me and give me the finger for going so slow...

Ok so I think I can get my computer set up fairly soon...but I don't think I can do any layout making just yet. >_< Bro is supposed to put my old hard drive in with all my programs and files but he is busy. ;_; I could probably download everything again filters...and my codes...and all the other stuff I already have built up...*cries* Not to mention my music, pics, and porn....Uh. I mean, manga. Right. Manga. *cough* No porn in my old drive...BWAHAHAHAH. ^___^;;;;

Ok I go now. LOL ^_^

xoxo Monday, May 17, 2004, 04:08 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Ok really tired. *laughs* I think I over-did it on my workout and now my legs shake when I walk. ^_^;; This is what happens when FFXI server is down! I exercise too much instead of playing! Bah! ^_^

Kyung sent a REALLY AWESOME pic of his mithra yesterday. I was really blown away by how good it was. He even got that "Hi, I am a sexy catgirl and I got a big scythe. U wanna mess with me?" Look down. ^_^ He said he was gonna draw a pic of my taru so really excited. *_* I love my taru! *hugs self* Man, I should put up some screencaps of my character so my non-FFXI friends can know what the hell I am talking about. ^^;;; More people should play this's godly in its goodness. *_*

Ok gonna get naked and take a shower. Hopefully the server will be back when I get out. -_-;;

xoxo Saturday, May 15, 2004, 02:32 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Been thinking what to do with this blog now. I want to start fresh. A new layout, a few changes here and there...when my computer can be accessed that is. >_< Currently still using my parent's computer cause mine is in pieces on the floor. Hopefully bro can put it back together and I can actually start making something. *laughs* But I am so rusty! I haven't made any layouts in over 2 years! I can barely remember any of the html codes! >_< Not to mention I think I forgot how to use Paint Shop as well. ^^;; Oh well, I gotta teach myself again I suppose. The biggest problem was that I couldn't access any of my files. But then I realized that Min sent me all the passwords and stuff to my email ages ago! So downloaded a new ftp program and bam! I am connected again. ^_^ I think I will take down my old anime site since it is pretty much dead. Then that will be less space usage for Min's server. Thank you so much Min for hosting my dead sites all this time...I will start cutting off the useless stuff soon...*takes out her extra big clippers* Bwahahaha!!

xoxo Thursday, May 13, 2004, 11:14 p.m. xoxoxoxo

Felt this sudden urge to write something here. I have been neglecting this blog for god knows how long. For those who still check on this once in a while, my apologies. My life and my interests have kinda moved on a lot since the days when I was writing here. I am sorry for not writing the emails and not calling. All I can say's been rough. *laughs*

But it is slowly kinda coming back. Which is probably why I have the urge to write again. It seems the last few years of my life has been like a yo-yo. Constantly going up and down and never seeming to end. I was on an up when I was still writing on this but then I hit a low. Sorry but it happened. Unlike last time, I didn't flood my friends with my bullshit but kinda...closed myself off. I probably shouldn't have done this but...I didn't want to dump more on my loved ones. They had enough of my shit.

But like I said, it's getting better. I can only hope this time, it will last. I guess it will all depend on my will and how much I really want it. I just hope everyone I have lost in touch with are doing well. I wish the best for you all.

As for what as been sorta saving my sanity? No, not anime. *laughs* Although I do still enjoy anime but not so obsessively into it. Still read manga though. But then they are finally translating some good titles in English! And affordable! Hahaha! ^_^

Nah, been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XI. Yup. I went from a anime freak to a gamer. Gosh, how much lower can I go? ^_^ Well it's great fun but I am cutting back on that too. My ability to obsess about things is extraordinary. Can't believe I even managed to cut back. *laughs* But yeah, trying to live a more "healthy" life style. ^_^ I bet my bro is so proud of me! *sobs* ^_^v

Ok, better go to bed. And not even midnight! God forbid! Hahaha! ^___^

xoxo Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 08:15 a.m. xoxoxoxo

Ahh...hello? *echo* Lol. Been a while since I wrote in this thing. ^_^ I really should do it again...someday.